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Mormora Coffee plantation is one of coffee Export company established 1991 G.C coffee plantation & export private company. Mormora coffee plantation produces & supplies special highly branded quality coffee to international market.

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Growing: Mormora Coffee PLC is working on farms owned by our company and out grower farmers under strict technical follow up, training and guidance. In addition there are large numbers of small holders coffee farmers which produce coffee in the surrounding area are our good suppliers. Mormora sagacious business approach allowed the business to blossom, and by 2010 …

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Ethiopia Land of Origins for humankind, coffee plant and much more. Coffee remains an indigenous prod¬uct in the same way as “teff”, false banana “Enset” and “anchote” are. Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in Africa and is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world next to Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Indone¬sia, contributing about 4.2 percent of total world coffee production. Ethiopia is the center of origin and genetic diversity of Coffee Arabica.

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Address: Head Office Oromia Shakkiso, Branch Office Addis Abeba

Phone: +251 9 2704 4444 / +251 9 36 333 333 / +251 9 11 599 546
E-mail:  info@mormoracoffee.com