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Ethiopia Land of Origins for humankind, coffee plant and much more. Coffee remains an indigenous prod¬uct in the same way as “teff”, false banana “Enset” and “anchote” are. Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in Africa and is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world next to Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Indone¬sia, contributing about 4.2 percent of total world coffee production. Ethiopia is the center of origin and genetic diversity of Coffee Arabica.

Ethiopian coffee beans of the species Coffeaarabica can be divided into three categories: Longberry, Shortberry, and Mocha. Longberry varieties consist of the largest beans and are often considered of the highest quality in both value and flavour. Shortberry varieties are smaller than the Longberry beans but, are considered a high grade bean in Eastern Ethiopia where it originates. Also the Mocha variety is a highly prized commodity. Mocha Harars are known for their peaberry beans that often have complex chocolate, spice and citrus notes.

Ethiopia has suitable environmental conditions for coffee production. Coffee is grown as forest, semi forest, garden as well as small and big plantations across the country.

Coffee has become a valuable global commodity; a necessity for millions of people who wake up every morning waiting a great cup of coffee.

MormoraCoffee is complex, beautifully fruity and aromatic, just like our fully washed Guji grade 1& Natural Guji Grade 1 organic Coffee, but with all those classic natural process quality Coffees. It has floral aromatics and sweet tropical fruit notes. These fruits coffee are also present in its acidity which is medium and sweet. Other notes of Mormora Coffee are present vanilla, cherry and cocoa coffee. When you choose Mormora Coffee as an espresso, you’re going to get stone fruit and cocoa which is going to turn into cheesecake as milk based beverage.

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