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Mormora Coffee Plantation was initially established in 1999 G.C by the visionary, enthusiastic, and model citizen entrepreneur AtoWodessaYachisi, DubaKumbi&SafayiDambi. Then, the Company reorganized in 2005G.C incorporating as Coffee plantation, processing, and export of Coffee with an initial capital of birr 3,710,280.00 (Three Million seven hundred ten thousand two hundred eighty Birr).

Mormora coffee plantation produce& supplies speciality(sundry) highly branded quality organic coffee ? produce,supply and to export international market. Mormora coffee plantationplc product is natural organic coffee found in Oromiya region Guji Zone Oddooshakkisowareda in rejikebele. Its Developed over 650 hectares of land out which 400 hectares is developed by our grower farmers under strict guidance of mormora coffee plantation expertise starting from seed selection from wild coffee tree to production, processing & marketing.??


Our company is dedicated to; Increase Production and productivity of our specialty coffee farming, develop the wet and dry coffee Processing with an advanced technology, expand our export market share and destinations, maintain quality standards to go beyond customer’s expectation, standardize the coffee farming of our supplying farmers of Guji area, conserve the natural eco system and strive for our social responsibility.

Business Philosophy

Our profitability comes through responsible, green and clean business. It will be shared with others through employment opportunity, stakeholders benefit, foreign currency earning and economic development of the country.

Core Values

  • Human resource is our main asset
  • Quality on every step
  • Team work and Human benefit
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Honesty and Transparency

Company Executive Team

Ato Wodessa Yachisi
General Manager
Ato Wodessa Yachisi joined & Stakeholder OfMormorain 1999 when he Young to start business Vision. He is Mormora Coffee General Manager. MrWodessa was actively business man founded Gujihighland Coffee Plantation with family &Heluya International owner.
Abdushekur Kasim Hiddi
Finance Director
Abdushekur Kasim Hiddi is Finace Directing Manager of Mormora Coffee PLC. He earned a BA in Accounting & Finance from Samaara University and an MAM CandidateLead Star College of Management & leadership University Brand Alsian University.

Social Responsibility

Mormora shows unique commitment to social responsibility through projects aimed at the coffee producing communities.

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Address: Head Office Oromia Shakkiso, Branch Office Addis Abeba

Phone: +251 9 2704 4444 / +251 9 36 333 333 / +251 9 11 599 546
E-mail:  info@mormoracoffee.com