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Growing: Mormora Coffee PLC is working on farms owned by our company and out grower farmers under strict technical follow up, training and guidance. In addition there are large numbers of small holders coffee farmers which produce coffee in the surrounding area are our good suppliers. Mormora sagacious business approach allowed the business to blossom, and by 2010, Mormora went from a small supplier to an exporter with fully loaded coffee containers. There are also two major plants located in the FirstOromia near Addis Abeba Capital city of Country At Dukem that Sister Company Industry process green coffee beans for export. The Sister industry Gujihighland Coffee Coffee Processing& Packing Industry production capacity of the industries are 90 Tons daily of export quality green coffee beans.
The farm site is located in East Guji zone, Oromiya National Regional State, oddoshakisoworeda, at Magado localities. It is about 525km from Addis Ababa and 34km from shakiso, the nearest Sister Company Guji Highland Coffee PLC.
It is has an altitude range of 1650-2050m above sea level in natural semi–forest area. According to the data from Shakisso weather station, the annual rainfall range of the area is estimated 900 to 1400mm and the maximum and minimum average temperature is 25-33oC and 10-12oC respectively. The soil is fertile, rich in organic substance, humus naturally decomposed over decades.  At these elevations the coffee beans can be qualified as “Strictly High Grown” (SHG). Here the Ethiopian coffees grow more slowly and therefore have more time to absorb nutrients and develop more robust flavors based on the local climate and soil conditions. The most distinctive flavour notes found in all Sidamo coffees are lemon and citrus with bright crisp acidity. Mormora coffee includes Yirgachefe Coffee and Guji Coffee. Both coffee types are very high quality.

  • Washed Coffee
  • Washed Guji Specialty Grade 1&2 
  • Washed Sidamo Grade 1&2
  • Honey CofeeGuji Grade 1    
  • Special Coffee / Sun dried Coffee
  • Natural Guji specialty Grade 1
  • Natural Guji Specialty Grade 2
  • Natural Sidamo Grade 3 & 4

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